Apex Clean Energy of Charlottesville, Virginia, is developing Tymochtee Solar, an up to 120 MW facility that is expected to generate enough energy to power up to 24,000 homes per year. Situated in Wyandot County, adjacent to existing transmission lines on remote private land, the location is highly suitable for a solar energy project.

A Clean Economic Opportunity for Wyandot County

Tymochtee Solar offers a new source of economic development with long-term local and state tax revenue for schools, government services, and public infrastructure. The power from Tymochtee Solar will be delivered into the local Ohio electrical grid, helping to diversify Ohio's energy portfolio. Solar power is one of the most cost-effective sources of electricity available today, and its ability to generate power at peak times helps reduce electricity costs for all consumers. In addition to creating direct and indirect jobs during construction and operations, Tymochtee Solar will create opportunities for companies seeking to open new locations in areas with access to renewable power to expand into Wyandot County.

Local Economic Benefits

• Enough power for up to 24,000 U.S. homes (120 MW)
• Over 30 years of annual revenue for Wyandot County, averaging over $1 million per year
• Will bring part-time and full-time jobs to the community during construction and operations phases
• Taxpayers are protected against decommissioning costs
• Existing high-voltage power lines limit the need for new infrastructure
• Low panel height limits visibility to neighbors and nearby roads